About US

The Advanced Research Internship Program (ARIP) was established in 2014 with AGM Institute and Dr. Crandall, George Washington University, for international and domestic high school and undergraduate school students to gain hands-on experiences in scientific research focused on Informatics at George Washington University, Virginia Science-technology campus.

The Advanced Research Internship Program (ARIP) is a unique opportunity to contribute to University level of research project in Science fields. Eleven renowned professors form four different regions collaborate the project to support students to accelerate their academic career path.

This intensive rigorous program engages students in scientific process and laboratory environment as they work on a research project under mentorship of our distinguished faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students.

The Advanced Global Research Internship Program is Ivy League, Stanford, and MIT founded online research mentorship program. Academically rigorous and curious students are paired with expert mentors to pursue personalized research projects of student's interest or passion.  The fields of internship are the areas of STEM, math, science, social sciences, and humanities to produce final projects.


AGM Institute, LLC

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